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You benefit by having your own branded domain name… such as, or, or Your church, ministry, organization, business, or just you, yourself can benefit greatly by establishing your own domain name on the internet. With Christian Website Builder every single customer gets One Free .com, .net, or .org (email us about others) Domain Name for as long as you remain a fully paid customer. You will pay NO Internic charges, EVER! That’s right, no more $35 per year or more Internic registration fees…

Christian Website Builder says, No More!

Each of our websites comes with its very own domain name that you decide on. So, for example, the name of the website might be or


How to get your Free domain name for your account:

When you order and activate any plan, you get One Free .com, .net, or .org Domain Name for free as long as you remain a fully paid customer (new unregistered domains only).

NOTE: This applies only to new unregistered domains ordered by us (Christian Website Builder).
(This does not apply if you order your domain through any another registrar).

NOTE: If you have a free domain name with your account it is your responsibility to fill out a tech ticket each year before the domain name expires and remind us to renew your domain name. Click here to fill out a tech ticket.

In order to get the domain name for free, you must follow these instructions.
Click here to fill out a tech ticket and then enter your account name and the new unregistered domain name that you want.  Then click submit.

When we receive this submission we will purchase the domain name and set it up for you. It usually does not take any longer than 48 hours (most times 24 hours).

If you ever decide that our hosting service is not for you and you wish to take your domain name with you, you just need to pay a $15 registration fee at that time. The name is ONLY free as long as you host with us.

*This offer only applies to new  accounts ordering new domains (unregistered). It can not be applied to your balance if you already have a domain nor can we order a domain for you or credit your account if you decide to order a domain later.  It is only good at the time of ordering your hosting package.

More Info On The Free Domain

If you have any questions about our free domain program, please read the below. This is very easy to understand, straight forward deal without any hidden fee, gimmicks or strings attached.

1. Is it really free?
   YES, IT IS REALLY FREE!  When you sign up for one of our high-quality web hosting plans with… you get a new, unregistered .com, .net, or .org name completely free.

2. How do you offer domain names for free?
   Our hosting service registers thousands of domain names each month.  Since we have the ability to register domain names at wholesale rates, we are more than willing to absorb the cost of the registration to earn your business.  This really is a FREE offer – we haven’t raised our prices or reduced our service in any way!

3. What if I want a domain name without web hosting services?
    When you sign up for a yearly web hosting account a new, unregistered domain name is absolutely free.  If you just want a domain name at a great price you can go to our Christian Domains site and just purchase a domain name, the prices are low. Click here to go to Christian Domains.

Q:  Will I own the free domain name?

    When we issue you a free domain name, it belongs to you.  You will have 100% ownership of the name.

5. What happens to the domain name if I leave your service?
    We strive to provide the best possible web hosting service at competitive prices.  If for some reason you decide to switch to a competitor at any time, you can take the name with you… you will just need to pay the $15 registration fee at that time.

6. How do I get my free domain name NOW?
    You can order right now!

7. Is there any limit to how many free domains I can have?
    NO!  This is an unlimited offer. You can get a one free domain name with every qualifying active account you sign up for on Christian Website Builder.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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